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WHY – Weight, Hypnotherapy and You!

The weight loss game typically goes something like this: On one side of your brain, you get excited about making positive changes, maybe even using that excitement to lose a few pounds.

But all the while, on the other side of your brain, a secret rebellion is brewing. With each day that passes, it gathers more supporters until it finally stages a coup, putting an end to your weight loss and letting every pound come back with friends.

What if you could forever quash the inner rebellion that has ruined every diet you’ve tried so far?

WHY (Weight, Hypnotherapy, and You) uses hypnotherapy to work with your inner thoughts, enhancing the positive ones and reducing the power of the thoughts which have sabotaged you in the past. From Day 1, the program restores your feeling of power by giving you ways to reclaim control of your success while working with your practitioner.

The best part is, you can’t fail at this program. It moves at your pace, designed specifically so that you don’t move to the next step until you’ve experienced actual weight loss. Once you’ve lost at least 16 pounds, you will have all the tools (including self-hypnosis recordings) to keep a positive, weight loss-oriented mindset on your own.

WHY is offered at Zenquility by our resident hypnotherapist, Misty Zdanski. Topics addressed with hypnotherapy during the program include:

  • Reframing Compulsive Eating
  • Emotional Eating / Stress Management
  • Making Sensible Food Choices
  • Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food
  • Boosting Motivation to Exercise

The typical time frame to complete the program is six months. An extremely motivated person might finish in three months. Your optimal pace will unfold as you progress in the program.

To find out if you and WHY are a good fit for each other, book an Initial Consultation with Misty Zdanski.