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What Do You Most Want to Know?

For each week’s issue of Footsteps I connect with my Guidance to hear what it’s time to write about. The responses I get from you tells me that they haven’t steered me wrong yet. Which is why I listened this week when they said it was time to mix things up. This week we’re doing a Q&A! The proverbial microphone is open. Please step right up and ask your question about anything you think I might be able to answer. Spiritual stuff. Otherworldly stuff. “What does Christina think about XYZ?” stuff. “Why do I act like that?” stuff. What do you most want to know right now? I’ll even do a mini intuitive reading or coaching if that’s what you’re looking for. So, as I say every week: Your turn. female hand with microphone What would you like to know? Post your questions in the comments below; I’ll be making time every day to reply to them right here.          

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