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What Do the Chakras Have to Do with Abundance?

Chakras are energy centers in the human energy field. There are seven major chakras or energy centers within the human body running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. When one of these chakras isn’t spinning, we consider it blocked. Blocked chakras can affect us psychologically and physically and even in the way our energy works with other energy outside of ourselves.

What does that have to do with Abundance? A great deal actually! Abundance is an energy. It isn’t just money. It isn’t just about being wealthy in the monetary sense. It’s about being open to receive in all senses.

We are aligning our energy to the energy of Abundance by opening up to receive. If our energy is unbalanced in some way, we may be repelling Abundance energy instead. Thankfully, a disturbance in our energy field will always show up before there is an outward physical sign, and if we know to look for that disturbance, then we can prevent it from manifesting as Lack.

Many of our emotions are associated with different Chakras, and exploring those emotions can help us connect the dots between what’s going on in our energy field and what we’re experiencing outwardly in terms of Abundance or Lack:

Root chakra symbolThe Root Chakra is usually the one associated with feelings of money. A block in the root chakra can create feelings of insecurity about not having enough money. This can put you in survival mode where you constantly feel behind on your bills. You can have feelings like anxiety and stress about money when this chakra is blocked.


Sacral chakra symbolThe Second Chakra, or Sacral Chakra, is all about fun and enjoying life, but it is also where we process a lot of our emotions around money. When it is blocked the energy created can produce anger or sadness regarding money. This can cause a hard time manifesting money.


Solar plexus symbolIf you feel like you have to push to get what you want and always put in extreme effort, then you might want to work on your Third Chakra/Naval Chakra. This Chakra can be all about control and power. When it comes to Abundance, you want to take action, but you want to leave the path open to receive!


Heart chakra symbolThe Fourth Chakra, or Heart Chakra can get clogged with guilt. If we are having trouble loving ourselves, then this chakra needs work! We begin to think that we don’t deserve the money or even guilty for wanting the money.


Throat chakra symbolHaving trouble talking about money is an issue with the Fifth Chakra, the Throat. If you have trouble asking for that raise or asking for someone to pay back the money they owe you, this is the problem area. This Chakra is about letting it out and saying what you need to say!


Third eye chakra symbolThe Third Eye, the Sixth Chakra, helps us visualize our futures and set our goals. A block in this chakra can cause confusion in what you really want which in return blocks your Abundance. The Universe can only be clear about what to give you when you know what you want.


Crown chakra symbolFinally, the Seventh Chakra, the Crown, connects us to the divine and keeps us open to the limitless possibilities! A block here can manifest in money controlling you or the want of money controlling you. Let Abundance flow!


Do you want to be abundant in love, in life, in joy, and of course, in material wealth? Then balance your chakras and clear out the energy stuck within them. It’s the Universal Principle of “As within, so without”: When you balance your chakras, your life becomes more balanced, too.

Now that you know that having balanced chakras is the key to remaining open to Abundance, what can you do with that information? We need to work with this in two ways:

  • First, a daily (or at least very regular) practice of chakra balancing. This could be a meditation or visualization that focuses on each chakra and brings positive energy into it. Or if you know Reiki or another energy healing modality, using your self-healing techniques on a regular basis.
  • Second, and equally important, get support from someone else. You might ask, “But if I’m healing myself, why do I need anyone else’s help?” This is a common question, and sometimes it feels like if we go to someone else then it means we’re not good enough as healers. But the truth is, the deep-down wounds that cause our chakras to keep going out of alignment are by nature something that we can’t see on our own. Our own subconscious mind blocks us. And so we need some other healer – a friend that we trade with, or a professional that we go to see – to be the mirror for what we’re blocked from seeing on our own. And if that person has already worked through the blocks that we’re experiencing, then they can offer even more support.

If you are looking for that person to be your mirror and show you the path through your Abundance challenges visit me at Zenquility for an Abundance Reiki session to find out which Chakra is blocking your Abundance.

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