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What Balance Really Means – and One Way to Get It

Do you feel like you are always running through life, meeting the needs of others, but not taking time for your own? Do you find yourself saying, “I need more balance”?

Balance is such a visible word and experience in our daily lives. We talk about balance with regard to our physical body, emotions, relationships, work and play, finances – in all aspects of life.

What you might not know is, balance isn’t just conceptual; it has a real meaning to your physical body. Health and well-being is created as the body achieves and maintains its balance, which is also called homeostasis.

Homeostasis is defined as “the ability or tendency to maintain internal stability in an organism, by automatic responses of the organ systems, in order to compensate for environmental changes.” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

Our bodies are so amazingly complex and uniquely designed, that they are always seeking this state of balance. Isn’t that exciting to know?

How does the body achieve homeostasis, and what specifically is it trying to balance? Here are some examples of balance in the body, along with the organ systems involved:

  • Body temperature brain
  • Blood sugar / pancreas and liver
  • Lymphatic system / immune system
  • Blood pressure and pulse / heart
  • Acid and alkaline / kidneys and lungs
  • Water balance / brain and kidneys
  • Breathing / nervous system
  • Toxins / kidneys

From a holistic approach – body, mind, and spirit – we can support balanced health and well-being in various ways – through nutrition, body movement, sleep, massage, essential oils, energy work, meditation, a Spiritual practice, loving relationships and our thoughts and words, to name a few.

My favorite way we can help the body achieve and maintain its balance is through the use of essential oils. Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Officer of dōTERRA, developed a technique based on his years of experience with essential oils.

In this process, eight different oils are used to target the four different areas that continually present a challenge to the body in maintaining its balance or homeostasis. Those four areas are: stress, toxic insult, inflammation, and autonomic nervous system balancing. This essential oil technique is called AromaTouch® Technique.

It delights me to think about the two words which make up that name and explain how the technique supports balance:

Aroma. Using our sense of smell (our strongest sense) to experience essential oils can have a pronounced influence on our emotional well-being. The aromas travel through our olfactory system and influence the limbic system of the brain, which is where the emotions and memories are stored. Aromas can elicit a rush of feelings based on memories. This positive response reduces your emotional stress, which reduces physical stress, too.

Touch. The power of touch, or tactile communication, can facilitate expression of specific emotions, their intensity and characteristics, even more than facial expression in some cases. Tactile communication is the first communication developed in utero and is an ongoing factor in relationship bonding. This technique isn’t just about the oils being applied; it’s also about the tender touch you receive on your back, ears, and feet as the oils are applied. This caring experience is felt by both giver and receiver, so it’s mutually beneficial. How great is that?

I have been both giver and receiver of this technique and I can say that the combination of targeted essential oils, their aromas, and their use in the touch technique bring about a feeling of calm and well-being to the body. Some people even drift off into a little slumber!

I’d like you to have this experience as well, so I invite you to receive a session of Aromatouch Technique. Support that amazing body of yours on its journey through an active, healthy life.

I am available at Zenquility two Thursdays per month, afternoon and evening. To schedule an AromaTouch® Technique session, book online or contact Zenquility’s front desk at (877) 936-7845.

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