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The Biggest Lie That Politicians Tell. (It’s About You!)

Another election season is in full gear, with campaign ads and video clips from appearances pretty much taking over our TVs. I’ve come to accept, but not like, the amount of lies and deception that’s become part of our political process. Taking statements and voting records out of context is an art form to political strategists. Wait, that’s not true. I don’t even accept it; I hold out hope for a better way. Let’s say that I’ve resigned myself to the dishonesty and have been conditioned not to expect any better. In all the deception that’s become part of campaigning, there’s one underlying falsehood that it’s time for us to face – the lie that politicians tell the most, which happens to be about you. This lie told every day by politicians has the power to singlehandedly get them elected. It can make you putty in their hands. And it’s used by almost every person that has ever run for public office. Lately I hear it every day from both sides of the aisle. The biggest lie, the #1 falsehood that politicians tell about you is that you need them. Think about it: Every election campaign is built on the premise that your life will be better only if that candidate is successfully elected. The only way that they believe they can get your vote is to build themselves up as the gatekeepers to your personal happiness and prosperity. They promise to be the ones that will put money back into your pockets, get all your bills paid, drive up the value of your house and drive down the cost of gasoline. And they assure you that once they do all these things, you’ll have all that you need to be happy. It’s quite a savior complex, and unfortunately some of us buy into it. Think about how that’s contributed to political divisiveness in our country, especially around the Presidential campaign: Accept one candidate as your personal savior and you must defend him at all costs in order to protect your own future. And for someone else to support the other candidate – well, what does that say about your choice? It completely invalidates that choice, which strikes fear in deep in your ego. Meanwhile, I invite you to think about everything you’ve learned so far about the Law of Attraction, manifesting, and being a co-creator of your life. No teacher has ever said, “You can be, do, and have anything you want as long as the government lets you. No holy person ever spoke the words, “Ask and it is given to you by men who sit in Washington, D.C.” I offer you this truth to replace the politicians’ lies: You can live within the confines of man’s laws and still be unlimited in your ability to have what you want. There is no law that government can make which is stronger than the Universal Laws, and no law that can defy your connection with your Divine Creator. The only thing that stands between you and your ability to make your life as you want it is your ability to align your thoughts, words and actions with the hope, if not the certainty, that everything you want is on its way to you. I invite you to try on this idea and see how it feels. For this week, monitor your thoughts and words. Notice how often you postpone possibilities for yourself because you’re waiting for the government to get things right. When you see a campaign ad, say out loud to the TV, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t need you. I’m doing fine on my own.” If you find those words don’t ring true to you, that’s an opportunity to look at the choices that you’re making from a place of limitation – whether it’s choosing what you think, how you speak, or the actions that you take – and make new choices from a place of powerfully creating your own life.  

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