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Practical Abundance

Bringing material abundance into your life is a matter of combining metaphysical knowledge with real-world tools. Stephanie offers three different Practical Abundance programs, which combine both bodies

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Free Will, With a Twist

Do you think everyone has free will? We do, but that doesn’t mean we’re without influence over each other.

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The Power of Decision

You may noticed that I’ve written a lot lately about the Spiritual Laws – the laws by which our Universe naturally operates. I do this because when we know these laws and work in alignment

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The Hidden Laws in the Teachings of Abraham

Do you know about the Spiritual Laws? They’re one of my favorite topics; I’ve been studying them for almost ten years – ever since my dear friend Peggy first introduced me to the Teachings

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The Biggest Lie That Politicians Tell. (It’s About You!)

Another election season is in full gear, with campaign ads and video clips from appearances pretty much taking over our TVs. I’ve come to accept, but not like, the amount of lies and deception that’s

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