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The Best Tips to Live Your Truth

What if you were 100% certain that your perfect partner would show up when you were already living life to the fullest and standing strong in your own Divinity?

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What is Reiki?

As someone who has practiced Reiki for over 10 years, I sometimes forget that some people are just hearing about it for the first time. So here’s a bit of an introduction to what Reiki is.

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It’s About…Self-Care

I’ve worked with women for a pretty long time, and over the years, I’ve heard comment after comment on how they simply don’t have time to exercise, enjoy favorite hobbies or attend events they want

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Good to Great: 5 Keys to Being an Outstanding Healer

You’ve probably known a few great healers and tons of others who were simply good. The ones who impressed you and the ones who were just…meh. What makes the first group stand out? At the heart

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