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The Empathic Woman and The Good Man – A Struggle for Intimacy

I’ve read multiple articles about the dysfunctional relationship between empathic women and narcissistic men. They write about the narcissist knowing how to manipulate the empath, dangling a carrot

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How to Find Perfect Love

If you’re still searching for the ultimate love, it might be time to look in a new place.

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How to Survive the Holidays with Your Family: A Lightworker’s Guide

Even if you’ve gone through a spiritual awakening, time with family can bring up issues and conflicts. Here’s how to NOT let it ruin your holiday.

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When You Outgrow the Ones You Love

There are a few scary things about answering your soul’s calling. There’s the fear of failing at it. (And often the fear of succeeding at it too.) There’s the fear that others will

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How to Save a Marriage, Part 2

In my previous article I shared from a very personal perspective some insights that could save a marriage. The feedback that I received (most of it private via email) showed me that others really are going

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