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What Does Your Heart Truly Desire?

Here’s a little math problem I gave to the lovely ladies who attended my session on Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map the afternoon of Zenquility’s ribbon cutting. Multiply your age by 365. Got

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“Be a Man”: 3 Ways to Channel Masculine Energy for Positive Purposes

Every person possesses masculine and feminine energies that manifest in related traits. I don’t mean whether they wear dresses vs. pants, the length of their hair, or how they walk. I’m talking

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5 Daily Steps to Connect with Your Purpose

Purpose is not a destination or a vocation. Purpose is how we show up in each day of our lives. Take me, for example. My purpose is to be a healer; even before I founded Zenquility, I showed up in the

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No More Lessons, No More Struggle

One clear, urgent message has been coming from Spirit in the last week during Soul Clarity Sessions as well as my personal meditations. This message has about one mindset that commonly blocks lightworkers

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