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Practical Abundance: What It Is and How You Get It

Manifesting material abundance takes more than positive thinking. Stephanie shares the practical, action-oriented side of attracting abundance.

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Old Thoughts that Keep You from Seeing Your True Self

I almost titled this article “What Got My Goat.” I seem to be a repository of old sayings and clichés like “got my goat.” (I love goats – I think they are “totes adorbs,”

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7 Real-Life Benefits of Energy Healing

Receiving energy healing isn’t just for fun or curiosity. It can create real-world changes that offer practical benefits for your life.

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How to Open Yourself to Receiving Abundance

If you’re experiencing one or more of The Big Three Signs that you’re blocked from receiving, how can you turn that around? Here are some of Christina’s suggestions for changing your

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3 Reasons Why Your Angels Want You to Have Money

Despite what your religious upbringing or limiting beliefs might tell you, your Angels lovingly support you in manifesting money. Here are 3 reasons why it’s OK with them.

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