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Practical Abundance: What It Is and How You Get It

Manifesting material abundance takes more than positive thinking. Stephanie shares the practical, action-oriented side of attracting abundance.

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The Real Meaning of Gandhi’s “Be the Change”

One of my favorite phenomena (I have more than a few favorites) is when I’m able to go back to something from the past and see it through the eyes of what I know now. A recent example involves

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7 Real-Life Benefits of Energy Healing

Receiving energy healing isn’t just for fun or curiosity. It can create real-world changes that offer practical benefits for your life.

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Alignment with WHAT?

“Alignment” is a relative term, not an absolute. You have to get into alignment WITH something – but what? When it comes to spiritual alignment, here’s one version of the answe...

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The Hidden Laws in the Teachings of Abraham

Do you know about the Spiritual Laws? They’re one of my favorite topics; I’ve been studying them for almost ten years – ever since my dear friend Peggy first introduced me to the Teachings

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