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A Swing of the String and POOF! Your Life is Figured Out

Learn what pendulum dowsing is, including some of the science behind it.

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My Favorite Way to Get Clear Answers from Spirit

If you’ve often wondered about receiving an Angel Card Reading, let Androniki pull back the curtain on what a reading can help you with and how the process unfolds.

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3 Signs that You’re Suppressing Your Feminine Energy

Our whole Universe is made of polarities: right and left, light and dark, up and down. By definition, polarities come in pairs, and you can’t know one without also knowing its counterpart. Meaning,

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7 Real-Life Benefits of Energy Healing

Receiving energy healing isn’t just for fun or curiosity. It can create real-world changes that offer practical benefits for your life.

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How to Recognize Your Path When It’s Not Clear

Sometimes the “right path” in life is easy to recognize: It’s the path of ease, filled with proverbial sunshine and roses. It’s the path where each step unfolds effortlessly with

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