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How to Keep the Joy in the Holiday Season This Year

Incorporate these strategies for creating Holiday joy in place of the stress you usually feel.

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Regression Hypnosis

Regression hypnosis is a special application of hypnotherapy which takes you back to the moment that an unwanted recurring pattern was created - what we call the Origin of Distortion. While the conscious

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Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis as a way of changing habits, whether eliminating unwanted habits or creating wanted habits - and often both, replacing unwanted with wanted.During

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WHY – Weight, Hypnotherapy and You!

The weight loss game typically goes something like this: On one side of your brain, you get excited about making positive changes, maybe even using that excitement to lose a few pounds. But all the while,

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Misty Zdanski

Do you want to understand how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship?I know what it feels like to date and be intimidated by the questions we ask ourselves: "What if they don't like me?"

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