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How Art Can Reveal Energy and Offer Healing

Healing is a complicated and diverse process. Painting is an undertaking that is often highly beneficial to this process as it is a powerful and expressive healing modality. Whether you are the painter

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4 Ways to Activate Natural Self-Healing with Massage

Life is jammed with functions that put strain on your physical body and mind. Think about them: The stress of endless hours hunched over a desk… Driving a car through miles of traffic… Dealing

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The Conversation to YES: Why Healers Need to Get Good at Sales

Just over ten years ago, I was inspired to become a healer by profession. Let me tell you, there have been plenty of ups and downs in the number of clients I have been able to take on and of course, how

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Feel That Power? An Intro to Hermetic Healing with Androniki

Healing. Wholeness. Wellness. We are all searching, and for many, that’s what we want. A return to wellness, to balance, wholeness. Healing to get us there. For over 20 years, I have been on a path to

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How to Be Love in the Real World

In the aftermath of the Presidential Election – aftermath sure feels like the right word, doesn’t it? – our society seems more divided than ever. The first division being, only about half of eligible

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