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Six Ways Your Life Improves When You Learn Reiki

Everyone should learn Reiki. (At least I think so.) It’s incredibly empowering and improves your life in measurable ways. Reiki (pronounced like “ray key”) is a Japanese healing technique that uses

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How Art Can Reveal Energy and Offer Healing

Healing is a complicated and diverse process. Painting is an undertaking that is often highly beneficial to this process as it is a powerful and expressive healing modality. Whether you are the painter

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Crystals and Totems and the Power of Intention

As you go through your day, you encounter any number of situations that require your attention. In fact, if you think about it, your waking life is a string of situations with your attention moving from

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Crystals: Where Science and Metaphysics Meet, Part II

Last week we examined the appeal of crystals and began to explore the science behind how crystals work. There is so much information, we decided to spread it out over two weeks to give you a chance to

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3 Signs that You’re Suppressing Your Feminine Energy

Our whole Universe is made of polarities: right and left, light and dark, up and down. By definition, polarities come in pairs, and you can’t know one without also knowing its counterpart. Meaning,

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