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How to Recognize Your Path When It’s Not Clear

Sometimes the “right path” in life is easy to recognize: It’s the path of ease, filled with proverbial sunshine and roses. It’s the path where each step unfolds effortlessly with

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Are You Thinking Your Way Out of an Opportunity?

Have you ever had a moment when there was a great opportunity in front of you – something that’s completely in alignment in with your life purpose – but you couldn’t decide whether

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A New Perspective on Shielding Your Energy

Grounding, clearing, and shielding are techniques that we use to keep ourselves from taking on energy from other people and removing what we do inadvertently take on. The way that you were taught to shield

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Rising Above “Us” vs. “Them”

Do you find that as you move along your spiritual path, you become more aware of people who don’t seem to have one? Have you started to feel like the people you see on the news, on Facebook, even

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Merging into Oneness

  We are One. “Oneness.” What is that, really? It’s a word that I hear often that pervades spiritual philosophies. Yet it always feels to me like true understanding of Oneness

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