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How to Connect with Your Life Purpose

“What’s my Life Purpose?” Here’s a hint: The answer is already within you; here’s a way you can connect with it right now.

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Want A Great 2017? Do This Now!

The week between Christmas and New Year. Is it quieter for you? Or are you busy with family activities, but you’ve got more slack in your schedule? Do you have time to carve out a few moments for reflection?

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You Have to SHOW UP…

I value Authentic Life. It brings us to a place where we can honor the longings of our soul by actually doing the things we were put on this planet to do. We all have a unique light we bring with us. Every

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What are Your Core Desires?

In my last blog (Wow, that feels like a long time ago, so much has happened!) we journeyed a bit into the workshop I gave the afternoon of Zenquility’s ribbon cutting. Working with Danielle LaPorte’s

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What Does Your Soul Desire?

While recently re-reading some chapters of Conversations with God, I was inspired with the question, “What does my soul desire?” I immediately picked up my journal and started an automatic

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