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The Surprising Truth About Energy Vampires

“People keep stealing my energy.” “She is such an energy vampire.” After doing this lightworker thing as long as I have been (since at least 2002), I’ve noticed that there

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Want A Great 2017? Do This Now!

The week between Christmas and New Year. Is it quieter for you? Or are you busy with family activities, but you’ve got more slack in your schedule? Do you have time to carve out a few moments for reflection?

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The Conversation to YES: Why Healers Need to Get Good at Sales

Just over ten years ago, I was inspired to become a healer by profession. Let me tell you, there have been plenty of ups and downs in the number of clients I have been able to take on and of course, how

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How to Be Love in the Real World

In the aftermath of the Presidential Election – aftermath sure feels like the right word, doesn’t it? – our society seems more divided than ever. The first division being, only about half of eligible

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A Funny Thing Happens on the Way to Zenquility

Confusion will always be the result when your expectations don’t match reality. Some people learn that before they even get to our office.

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