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Finding the courage to make a big leap can be hard. What can help you make big life changes is having support - someone to walk alongside you, helping you to remember why you're doing this, to hear

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Human Design Consultations

Do you ever wish your life came with an owner's manual?People say "Follow your bliss!" but you're over here asking, "Yes, but how??"So enters Human Design. This methodology helps you understand how you

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Balance: Find Grounding with This Sweet, Woody Essential Oil Blend

Balance is a topic I love to talk about. In my previous article I wrote about the types of balance which are important in our lives. Today, you might be interested to know that there is an essential oil

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AromaTouch Technique

Living with stress can be hard, and it can seem even more overwhelming when you can't find relief.  But taking the time to care for yourself will reduce overwhelm and increase the time and energy

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What Balance Really Means – and One Way to Get It

Explore the specific meaning that “balance” has to your physical body, and one way that an essential oils technique can help you achieve it.

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