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Six Ways Your Life Improves When You Learn Reiki

Everyone should learn Reiki. (At least I think so.) It’s incredibly empowering and improves your life in measurable ways.

Reiki (pronounced like “ray key”) is a Japanese healing technique that uses energy to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Reiki energy flows where it is needed in the client and creates the healing the client most needs.

I had my first experience with Reiki back in 2001, when I had been battling anxiety, depression, and health issues.  A friend recommended that I see her counselor who was also a Reiki practitioner.  After 6 months of Reiki sessions, I felt like a new person!  I was calmer and felt more in control of my life and my health.  

The practitioner encouraged me to learn Reiki for myself, so in 2003 I studied Reiki Level 1. It opened my world up to all the benefits and a whole new way of living. In 2006, I completed the final level of training, Master/Teacher, because I wanted to be able to share Reiki with my friends, my family and anyone else who wanted to learn it.

Many people who learn Reiki felt “called” to it, and yet it helps to have some left-brained reasons to do it too. From my experience using Reiki to support myself, my family, and many clients, I can tell you that Reiki is an amazing tool with many benefits. Here are my top six:

    1. Take control of your health. Reiki balances the mind, body and spirit.  Reiki energy goes where it is needed to heal your body.  In addition to healing your body, once you begin to do Reiki on yourself you will notice more about your own body and how it works.  This may even lead you to make more healthful choices.  

    1. Decrease your anxiety. Reiki is emotionally healing.  It has a calming effect that can help you manage your emotions more easily and tune into your own emotions. Doing Reiki on yourself helps you find the reasons behind the issues so you can work on the underlying issues and not just the resulting anxiety.

    1. Increase your Spiritual Connection. Reiki calms your spirit so you are able to connect to the Divine with more ease.  You are better able to receive and hear the messages from Divine without all the din of your inner voice worrying and your emotions overwhelming and distracting you.  You are able to be still.

    1. Heal your friends and family. Once you are comfortable healing yourself, you will find that you can help others.  Reiki energy only goes where it is accepted and needed.  If your friend has migraines, ask if you can give her Reiki to help.  

    1. Heal situations. Reiki can help heal stressful situations.  You can send healing to a situation (rather than one specific person) as it arises or even before it happens to create a favorable outcome.  Anxious about confronting a friend or loved one about a problem? Send Reiki to the situation asking for a calm discussion with a resolution.

  1. Help make the world a healthier place. Making the world a better place starts with making your life healthier and helping others.  Then you can expand it even further by sending Reiki healing to the Earth and to people affected by natural disasters and even unnatural ones.  

If knowing these benefits has helped you decide to learn Reiki, then I invite you to check the Zenquility calendar for the next Reiki class I’ll be teaching.

If you still want to know more about Reiki is, please read another article I wrote, “What Is Reiki?”  I also described a Reiki session experience in “What Will I Feel During a Reiki Session?” And of course, the best way to understand what Reiki can do is to come in and try it.

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