Reiki – Zenquility
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Practitioner: Faith, Stephanie (Master)

In office. Reiki is the commonly known and practiced form of energy healing. A Reiki practitioner can interact with energy of your body and your aura, sensing where your energy is blocked and restoring the flow to support optimal health and emotional well-being.

Our Master Healers are designated as such because the length and depth of their related experience distinguishes them from other healers and makes a significant difference in the healing you'll receive.

$110 for 60 minutes with

$160 for 60 minutes with Master Healer Stephanie

Abundance Reiki

Practitioner: Stephanie (Master)

In office. This is Stephanie's special application of Reiki focused on find the specific blocks in your energy that are affecting your Abundance. Depending on which chakra is blocked we can tell which issues need to be worked on.

$160 for 60 minutes