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Regression Hypnosis

Regression hypnosis is a special application of hypnotherapy which takes you back to the moment that an unwanted recurring pattern was created - what we call the Origin of Distortion. While the conscious mind often forgets that moment, the subconscious mind is the keeper of all memories and can lead us back to the Origin, whether it's earlier in this life or in a past life.

This approach can have therapeutic applications for deep emotional wounds, as well as spiritual applications for reconnecting you with your truest self.

Regression work may include Inner Child work, which enables you to connect with your inner child and heal old wounds; or Past Life Regression, in which you explore your past lives and discover the root skills, relationships, problems, attitudes, or patterns that influence the present life. Through Regression Hypnosis you may discover your life purpose and unlock the hidden talents to help you fulfill that purpose.

Regression hypnosis session typically take longer than regular hypnotherapy because more time is needed to connect you clearly with that moment in the past.