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Practical Abundance: What It Is and How You Get It

Does the word “abundance” stir up a bunch of mixed feelings for you, like hope and joy but also tension and ohmygodwhyisthisstillnotworkingforme?

Abundance, especially financial, is definitely one of the life themes that I’ve explored deeply along my life path. What I’ve learned is that just focusing on thoughts of abundance is not enough. We have to be, well, practical. Hence, Practical Abundance.

What is Practical Abundance?  In a sense, the answer is right there in the question. We need to know both what it means to be Abundant and what it means to be Practical. Let’s look at the literal definitions:

“Abundance” is “having more than enough of something; extremely plentiful.”  We are always in search of abundance in our lives.  Abundance of love; abundance of time; abundance of money.

“Practical” is defined as “relating to, or manifested in practice or action.”  We live in a world where we are taught that to be abundant, you must work hard and practice. Am I the only one who has voices in my head saying “you need to be practical!”?

But working hard is the old way of thinking. Before people knew how to work with the Universe, the only way to manifest was through effort and struggle, and that’s how we’ve been trained by the generations before us. But now we know more, and so in addition to learning the steps to work with the Universe, we need to retrain ourselves to let it be easy.

You may have noticed these conflicting beliefs in your own exploration of abundance. There are so many books about how to manifest abundance in our lives seemingly effortlessly if we open ourselves up to receive.  In contrast, the world around us pushes for us to stay in the status quo, and we are taught from birth that the only way to achieve anything is to work hard for it.  

Even if we do open ourselves to receiving, our training may put up blocks. Have you noticed that? That in the back of your mind, while you’re affirming all of the abundance that’s coming to you, there’s another voice saying “This ain’t gonna happen”?

Practical Abundance, then, is the journey of reconciling the old way with the new. Of reevaluating what we’ve been taught and discerning what’s still required to manifest abundance vs. what can be done in far easier ways using what we now know.

If we think of abundance in regards to money, then Practical Abundance is combining the real-world action we take (such as getting a job) and the magical to create a beneficial relationship with money, so you can do more of the things you want. In creating Practical Abundance, we learn to heal our relationship with money and learn ways to manifest more.  It creates a clearer sense of the power you have over your flow of abundance, as well as practical next steps for managing that flow.

Practical Abundance is working within the construct of the world of commerce while opening ourselves up to receive.  You are deserving of abundance and you can achieve abundance.  But it takes action.  Each action you take prompts the Universe to take action.  Even baby steps create movement.

Let me give you an example of how to apply Practical Abundance to a real-world thing you frequently do: Does paying bills put you in a negative mindset?  If you are inwardly lamenting how you don’t have any money because you have so many bills to pay, then you are cutting off your abundance flow!  Instead, while you are paying your bills think thoughts of gratitude. Thank the Universe for providing you the abundance to pay those bills.  Thank the money for doing the work of paying those bills. By taking this baby step, you are opening up and taking action to create a flow of abundance.

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