Our Mission and Values – Zenquility
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Our Mission and Values

The core of what Zenquility stands for and why we exist is best expressed through our mission and values.

Our Mission

Guiding the path to true joy and happiness through self-love, harmonious relationships, and clear spiritual connection

Our Values

  • We celebrate the power of connection and community to bring forth love, wisdom, and opportunities for positive change.
  • We value self-love as equal in importance to love of others.
  • We respect each person as a unique expression of God/Source/Divine Energy in human form, and each unique expression as equally worthy and lovable.
  • We support each person’s evolving awareness of how to consciously create their experience, offering a safe space to explore both their light and shadow selves without judgment.
  • We honor the free will of each person to create their experience through choice (conscious or unconscious), and the personal responsibility which comes with that power to choose.
  • We strive to live in conscious harmony with the natural order of the Universe, which can be quantified through its laws, including:
    • Law of Attraction – Our thoughts and feelings magnetize matching circumstances to us.
    • Law of Cause and Effect – Every action has a consequence, and every circumstance can be traced back to an originating cause.
    • As Within, So Without – Our external circumstances are a mirror that help us see ourselves more clearly.
    • Law of Polarity – Every problem has a solution; every desire has the means to be fulfilled.
    • Law of Reciprocation – The entire Universe flows in a constant cycle of giving and receiving.
    • Law of Sacrifice – In order to receive something of a higher vibration, space must be made for it by letting go of something of lower vibration.