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#metoo: The Fascinating Connection with Jupiter in Scorpio

Oh, Jupiter in Scorpio, what are you up to? I say that with a wry smile on my face–things have only just begun, so fasten your seat belts, as the old movie line goes…

If you’re not up on astrology, then let me briefly explain: On October 10, Jupiter, a planet whose energy encourages expansion or increase of energies, entered Scorpio, a water sign that is all about exploring feelings. What this means is, we are in a time from now until November 2018 (because that huge planet moves slowly) where long-hidden feelings are coming up to be expressed. Where it will be harder than ever to tolerate what we don’t want or like — for instance, women no longer putting up with being sexually harassed or assaulted.

Yep, I’m gonna dive into the latest shit-storm from Hollyweird. No surprise, a powerful man’s transgressions were exposed. The big surprise (but not, given the astronomy and astrology of these times) is how widely the impact of this story spread — the unveiling, unearthing, the revealing, the acknowledging, the outpouring that occurred. Many expressed surprise, even shock at the incredible numbers of women (and men) who added their “#metoo” on social media. What would surprise me is if we could find more than 100 women who hadn’t​ experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lives.

So, thank you, Harvey Weinstein. Not for being a _______ (fill in your own invective if you must), but for being the straw that broke the camel’s back. Because I believe in sacred timing — I believe that “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” IS giving rise to the Divine Feminine energies, and that what we are witnessing is a part of that. (And, stay tuned, because that is definitely a topic for another day!)

A friend asked if this was a good bandwagon, the “#metoo.” I replied that it is good for it NOT to be a bandwagon (by which I mean, those social media trends people jump onto with their virtual pitchforks or moral outrage or righteous indignation and then forget about when the next thing comes along). #metoo is good because it is a peeling back of the covers to expose a shadow long hidden — what I’m going to call the misalignment of the Masculine and Feminine. Oh yes, women were “given” the vote (seriously?!?). Entered the workforce in droves. Have become CEOs and CFOs and entrepreneurs. Juggle home life and corporate life, motherhood and marriage. In some cases (!!), women even make the same as men for the same job! Wow, it sounds like we’ve come a long way, baby!

And yet, the disrespect of women (yep, that’s what I’m calling it, and I think I’m being gentle) is pervasive. It is at the root of all harassment and abuse.  And in some cases the disrespect is sooo subtle. Let me give you an example: I previously worked for a very large international advertising agency. Our Chairman of the Board came to our office to talk about how awesome our company was and gave a slideshow to introduce us to the worldwide offices. He introduced each slide with something like this:

“Here is James Jones, Creative Director, and Elizabeth, the Media Director.”

“This is Jorge Vaca, the Account Manager, and Maria, the President.”

“This is Bill Schmidt the Research Director, and Ingrid, the Director of Client Services.”

This went on for I can’t tell you how many slides. I am embarrassed to tell you that I didn’t notice, until one of my female colleagues, who was outraged, mentioned it immediately after the meeting was over: Regardless of title or position, only the men had first and last names. Subtle. When it was brought to his attention he was horrified that he had offended and upset the women of the office. But there were a lot of guys who thought we, the women, had completely overreacted. (What do you think? Did we overreact?)

Subtle. Disrespect. It’s almost ingrained. In our cells. Our DNA. Our collective mind. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are being sexually harassed. It can be so subtle, or we can be so used to the “bad behavior.” It isn’t always a man in position of power; sometimes, as I saw on a relative’s FB page, it can be 11 year old boys when they were 5. Most of us have a #meetoo. Or many. I won’t share mine here, because as a very wise woman recently said, that was then and this is now. BUT–thank you, Harvey, for scratching the scab off this wound.

Thank you, Jupiter in Scorpio, for setting the stage for some powerful revealing – because for anything to be healed, it must first be revealed. It is time — and you, My Dear Reader and Friend, are supported by the energies of this time, to pull back the covers on your wounds — so that they can be explored, examined, exposed to the light, blessed, and integrated into the wholeness and perfection that is you.

That is one of my joys and privileges as an energy healer — to work with you to release the energy blockages, to remove the non-beneficial energies in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To allow the wounds to come into the light of day, to banish, over time, the pain and shame, the guilt and attachment.

We all have wounds. Scars. Pain. Some came from the womb, many from our childhood. Some we have buried so deeply we don’t even know they are there. But we don’t have to live with them – and we aren’t meant to. And for most of us, lately, something has been stirring. Waking. Moving towards the surface. Coming up for air — to be seen, acknowledged, revealed and released. This is part of your consciousness evolution. Your awakening. Embrace the process. And don’t feel like you need to go it alone. I am right here with you, as your fellow traveler and as someone who can help you express what has been hidden within you for too long.

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