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Love Life self-love coaching

Love Life Self-Love Coaching

Does lack of love for yourself cause you to choose unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships? 

Self-love coach Misty Zdanski knows what it's like to use relationships to try and fill an inner void. 

She also knows how good it feels to overcome that need and become your own source of love, living life according to what you desire. 

And through her work with A Course in Miracles, Misty understands who we all are in Oneness with God and how that helps to fill the void.

If you are ready to create beautiful, joyful, and spiritual relationships with yourself, your life, and the world around you, then Misty is ready to be your guide.

Love Life self-love coaching will help you to

  • Feel empowered & confident
  • Strengthen your relationships, including your spiritual one
  • Experience joy in life, with or without a partner

Schedule a free Get Acquainted session where you and Misty will talk about how this can happen for you.