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Human Design Consultations

Do you ever wish your life came with an owner's manual?

People say "Follow your bliss!" but you're over here asking, "Yes, but how??"

So enters Human Design. This methodology helps you understand how you recognize your soul's desires, make decisions, and interact with the people around you. The over-arching question it answers is, "Who was I born to be?"

It combines metaphysical wisdom (astrology, chakra theory, and the I Ching) with practical information (genetics and neutrinos) to articulate your strengths and natural personality characteristics.

What you receive from Human Design will have lifelong value, because when you can see who you were born to be, you stop wasting time being who you are not.

Christina Ammerman is our Human Design expert; here are her words on why she finds Human Design so valuable:

"When I had my own Human Design chart done in 2014, it brought me so much freedom! 

For instance, I discovered that my 'type' is Manifestor, which means that unlike 80% of people, my desires become reality through focused intention more than focused effort. I actually create more when I do less! 

My design confirmed my soul's plan to surround myself with other people, forming teams who would work together toward a shared vision. No wonder being a control freak wasn't working for me - I'm not supposed to do it all myself! 

I also learned that my 'authority' (decision-making process) is Will Authority, which means if I feel a desire, I must pursue it, and nothing external will stand in my way! Knowing that about myself has driven every growth decision I've made for Zenquility since then, including adding a retail boutique and expanding to a second office.

The emotional and tangible value of knowing how I am designed to live has been immeasurable. The investment I originally made has been returned over and over again.

Now, I want to bring others that same kind of clarity and freedom."

Online reports vs. this custom consultation

Some people ask, "How does a consultation with Christina differ from the reports I can purchase online for much less?" The answer is, Value; you really do get what you pay for in this case.

An automated report looks up your Human Design attributes in a database and dumps them blindly into a report where each attribute is addressed independently. Because they have to be pre-programmed, they always include the same attributes for everyone.

On the other hand, a custom interpretation with Christina offers a far richer and more impactful experience of Human Design. She carefully cross-references how your individual attributes work together, which reveals more insight than only evaluating the attributes separately. She is also intuitively guided to highlight what you most need to know. And of course, the online report can't sit down and answer questions for you; additional insights usually come through when you connect in the live session. 

Get Started

The steps to find clarity and freedom through your Human Design are simple:

1. Click the "Purchase Now" button to initiate the process.

2. Respond to the follow-up email from Christina with your birth data. (If you can't easily get your birth time, we can work around that.)

3. Within 2 business days, Christina will analyze your Human Design and create a highly detailed, custom written report for you. (If she needs to adjust this timeline because of travel, etc., she'll reach out to discuss it with you.) 

4. Your report will be delivered during a 60-minute session with Christina, either at Zenquility or via Zoom videoconferencing. Once the report is ready, Christina will contact you to schedule the session.