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How to Connect with Your Life Purpose

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who goes on and on about how they are living their Life Purpose and how amazing it feels… and how in the flow they feel…and how life is just opening up all because of their clarity? And then they look at you ask the dreaded question: “What is your Life Purpose?” Do you panic?! Make something up? Guess? Or give in and say “no clue”. We keep hearing how important it is to know what our Life Purpose, but somehow we missed that class in school. That’s great for those who know their purpose, but what about those of us who are still trying to figure it out?! Here’s what I know about Life Purpose: Living it is our natural state, guided by our Inner Knowing. Understanding what pulls us out of that natural state can help us get back to it. What is it then that pulls us away from our Life Purpose? Namely, the opinions of others. If you could take a step back and objectively look at your life, would you observe yourself living by your desires or someone else’s? Sometimes we don’t even realize the stories we’ve incorporated into our lives that don’t resonate with our Inner Knowing. We desire these beautiful lives but allow others to dictate what that should look like. We allow society, our parents, our friends, our partners/ex-partners, our bosses, a role model to define who we are. These influences can show up in disguises of “not enough time”, “too tired”, “don’t know how”, “it’s too hard,” and other completely legitimate-sounding reasons to avoid choosing between our desires and others’ opinions. These excuses comfort us for some reason, allowing us to stay tucked away in our comfy bubble of avoidance and status quo. They keep us from failing and being disappointed – but isn’t this disappointing?! Isn’t this failing to live up to our potential, the gifts that God has given us? Living by others’ stories is a very unconscious activity until we take a step back and shine a light on it. What we see in that light either liberates us or pisses us off – but that’s a good thing! Being pissed off is great motivation to do something different! Either way, we gain the strength and courage to take the reins of our lives and create our own story that resonates with our own Truth. And the good news is, re-aligning ourselves with our Life Purpose can be done in any moment. You can do it right now, using one of my favorite visualizations:

I want you to take a moment to visualize your absolute Perfect Day, whatever that may look like. Really see it. Use all of your five senses. Feel that natural glow radiate in your heart chakra when you activate your true desires. And maybe the activities of the day won’t matter as much compared to how you feel. Maybe visualizing yourself doing mundane chores with a smile on your face and an inner sense of peace is the ideal day. That’s the definition of Life Purpose: living a life that brings you inner joy and peace. This may include finding the cure to cancer or it may include raising a family. Both are perfect. What matters is how you show up, that inner sense of peace and happiness.

So then once you’re aligned with it, how do you figure out the details of your Life Purpose? It starts with Love. Love is at the center of all beautiful things; therefore, it must be at the center of your Life Purpose. That may mean getting comfortable with that word “Love” first; then your world will open up to you, and you will find your Life Purpose by following what fills you with an inner feeling of love and fulfillment. One of my favorite exercises I like doing with my coaching clients is an exercise called “Be, Do, Have” where you write down who you want to be, what you want to do/accomplish, and what you want to have – all the experiences that would offer you love and fulfillment. By writing it down, you can more easily notice any patterns that appear. These patterns show you where your true passions lie, and then your Life Purpose is about honoring those passions and living in your Truth. This powerful exercise is always the first step my clients take, because it’s easier to manifest the life you desire when you are clear about your Purpose. For fun, let’s do a mini-version of that exercise here: What are 3 things that you would like to Be, Do, or Have, and why? Tell me about them in the comments.

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