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Fearless Freedom for Relationships

Fearless Freedom for Relationships

What do you do when you've found your soulmate, but over time the relationship has lost its intimacy?

The problem is that your subconscious mind only knows how to have whatever manner of relationship your parents modeled for you. Even if you consciously recognize that their ways don't suit you, your subconscious mind will always default to its conditioning.

Fearless Freedom for Relationships takes the distance and toxicity out of your relationship by healing the conditioning that's deep in the mind. When everyone in the relationship participates actively and willingly, the result is a harmonious, intimate relationship of partners who bring out the best in each other.

How Fearless Freedom for Relationships will help you:

  1. Heal core subconscious issues that destroy intimacy, including unworthiness, unlovability, abandonment, and mistrust.
  2. Reconnect each member of the relationship with their power to create their own happiness, rather than depending on the partner.
  3. Build new ways of relating to each other based on this new foundation, enabling the relationship to reach ecstatic heights of intimacy.

This work is especially powerful for an empathic woman coupled with a man who is naturally empathic but suppresses his emotions. For more insights into that relationship dynamic, read this article. >>

I work as well with relationships beyond the cis-het-monogamy paradigm. I'm comfortable with all of it, and most of the patterns Fearless Freedom works with are independent of gender identity or sexual orientation.

The best way to find out if I can understand and help your relationship is for us to have a Get Acquainted Call. I only take on a case if I can clearly see during that call how I'm able to help.