Group Hypnosis for Relaxing During the Holidays – Zenquility

Group Hypnosis for Relaxing During the Holidays

When: 11/24/2017 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Presenter: Misty Zdanski
Where: Zenquility, 14540 John Marshall Hwy, Suite 211, Gainesville, VA
Fee: Free
Register by: None. Drop-ins welcome!

This is for you if: The word "holiday" inspires feelings of stress as much as joy. Holidays - there's joy in there somewhere, right? It's hard to find if you get sucked into a two-month marathon of prepping. Plus, the prospect of spending extended time with family can be a mixed blessing, especially if you've been spiritually outgrowing who you used to be over the past few years. But here's help! Misty Zdanski, our certified hypnotherapist, will be leading this group hypnosis session to create happy associations and cues for relaxing during the holiday season. She'll create a safe environment in which you can relax and access your subconscious mind to change your habitual patterns of thinking related to the holidays

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