Group Healing Session for Abundance – Zenquility

Group Healing Session for Abundance

When: 02/24/2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Presenter: Stephanie Armagost
Where: Zenquility, 14540 John Marshall Hwy, Suite 211, Gainesville, VA
Fee: $45
Register by: 2/23 by 9 PM
How to register: Register here or call (877) 936-7845

This is for you if: You want to open up your financial abundance and are curious about healing your chakras can help.

To manifest abundance, you need to understand what’s needed both practically and energetically to get yourself in the flow. This group session will focus on both.

We’ll start with a discussion of Financial Abundance from a practical and energetic perspective, to give you conscious understanding of what you need.

Then Stephanie will give Abundance Reiki to the group, focusing on the one chakra that would most benefit everyone present. (Through the synergies of how groups like this come together, it will turn out that everyone’s need is the same.)

You’ll come away with insight into your individual Abundance blocks, some of which will have been healed through this experience.