Add Heart to Your Life – Zenquility

Add Heart to Your Life

Add Heart to Your Life

When: 02/16/2019 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Presenter: Joyce Hughes
Where: Zenquility, 14540 John Marshall Hwy, Suite 208, Gainesville, VA
Fee: Free
How to register: Register here or call (877) 936-7845

Would you like a simple way to bring your mind, heart, and emotions into balance?

Come learn the Heart Lock-in Technique, which helps you bring your mind, heart, and emotions into coherence, or “cooperative alignment.” When you’re in coherence, you can:
>> release overwhelm
>> reduce stress
>> transform anger
>> find inner stillness
>> awaken calm and clarity
>> respond in the moment
>> sleep better
>> access intuition
>> improve performance

As you can see from this list, deepening your own heart connection is actually an art of self-care and service to others. This is something you can do on the spot when it's needed, or part of a daily practice.

During this meetup, you'll learn the Heart Lock-in Technique as well as the science that explains why it works.

Joyce Hughes is an approved Add Heart® Facilitator by the HeartMath Institute. She’ll walk you through how to do the Heart Lock-in Technique so that you can do it at home. She’ll also show you the app that’s available to support the technique.

There is no fee for this meetup. Joyce is sharing this technique to help you find love, joy, and empowerment - to live life with Heart!