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Download the Enlightenment Bundle

These free resources are gifts from our practitioners to you. Each one gives you an opportunity to understand yourself better in some way, so that you can make important changes and become more of the person you were meant to be. Choose as many of them as you'd like. 

You Might Have an Abundance Block If... thumbnail

You Might Have An Abundance Block If...

Created by Stephanie Armagost, Abundance Catalyst & Reiki Master 

If you've been experiencing lack of money or any other form of abundance, this PDF will help you pinpoint which chakra block(s) are the root cause.

Ten Principles of Conscious Dating thumbnail

Ten Principles of Conscious Dating

Created by Misty Zdanski, M.A., Relationship Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist

Creating a harmonious relationship with your ideal partner is as much an inside job as an outside job. After all, we attract what we are, so if you have unresolved issues, you're going to attract a partner who reflects those issues.

These 10 principles set the foundation for getting clear on what you're looking for and doing what it takes to receive it.

Affirmations Guide for Your Healthy and Balanced Body

Created by Joyce Hughes, RN, AromaTouch Technique Practitioner

Well-being isn't just about your physical body - it begins with how you think about yourself and your life. 

To support you in thinking "weller," Joyce has created this PDF guide containing affirmations that support 4 key areas of well-being - stress relief, immune support, reduced inflammatory response, and improved mood - along with guidance on how to use affirmations.

Core Wound Quiz thumbnail

Which Core Wound Do You Have?

Created by Christina Ammerman, Core Wounder Healer & Founder/Director of Zenquility

All the limiting beliefs and emotions trapped within your subconscious mind trace back to a single block - the very first block that has become the core of your human experience. This quiz will reveal to you what that emotional wound is.