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What Do the Chakras Have to Do with Abundance?

Learn how you can tell which chakra(s) are the root cause of any lack that you’re experiencing.

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Are You Underestimating the Negative Impact of Stress?

Stress may be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Productivity suffers under stress – but there’s a solution.

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#metoo: The Fascinating Connection with Jupiter in Scorpio

Oh, Jupiter in Scorpio, what are you up to? I say that with a wry smile on my face–things have only just begun, so fasten your seat belts, as the old movie line goes… If you’re not

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How to Handle Your Emotions Effectively

If you weren’t taught as a child how to handle your emotions, here is some advice that you can adopt as an adult.

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How to Find Perfect Love

If you’re still searching for the ultimate love, it might be time to look in a new place.

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