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How You Can Save the World

The world is in turmoil right now. I’m hearing more and more people say that “something big” is going to happen in September. What they mean is war in the Middle East, which of course

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Our Return to Love

This past weekend was a special event for me. I’ve just returned from the Hay House I Can Do It! conference in Washington, DC – an amazing experience of being surrounded by wonderful people

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The Biggest Lie That Politicians Tell. (It’s About You!)

Another election season is in full gear, with campaign ads and video clips from appearances pretty much taking over our TVs. I’ve come to accept, but not like, the amount of lies and deception that’s

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Are You an Overgiver?

This may be the most controversial thing that I’ve ever written. I know it’s going to strike some chords, not all happy ones. There’s a phenomenon that’s common among my peeps.

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A True Story of Inaction in Action

Last week I wrote about how stories from our past become rules and expectations for our present and future. They also keep us from getting what we want. Today I thought I’d tell a very specific story

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