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The Surprising Truth About Energy Vampires

It’s time to understand what’s really going on when another person seems to zap your energy.

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How to Connect with Your Life Purpose

“What’s my Life Purpose?” Here’s a hint: The answer is already within you; here’s a way you can connect with it right now.

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What Balance Really Means – and One Way to Get It

Explore the specific meaning that “balance” has to your physical body, and one way that an essential oils technique can help you achieve it.

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Six Ways Your Life Improves When You Learn Reiki

Everyone should learn Reiki. (At least I think so.) It’s incredibly empowering and improves your life in measurable ways. Reiki (pronounced like “ray key”) is a Japanese healing technique that uses

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14 Fun Facts About Sleep

Humans do it; snails and trees do it, too. Learn some fun and interesting facts about sleep.

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