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Balance: Find Grounding with This Sweet, Woody Essential Oil Blend

Balance is a topic I love to talk about.

In my previous article I wrote about the types of balance which are important in our lives. Today, you might be interested to know that there is an essential oil blend called Balance. It’s the first one you experience during an AromaTouch Technique session, which is perfect to include because this blend helps bring your body and mind from stressed to grounded and balanced….like a big deep breath!

Balance essential oil blend is part of my everyday life; I truly don’t go through a day without it! I personally like feeling calm and peaceful as I travel through daily life, so I apply it each day – and if I feel the need to reapply it, I do! Along with other self-care choices, it helps me feel more secure in my “response-ability.”

Let me clarify why I wrote “response-ability” instead of “responsibility.” We can either react to a situation or respond. To me, “react” means having a thought or action in an unconscious way, based solely on emotions – whereas “respond” may include those emotions, but we think or act from a level-headed, balanced state of well-being. Balance (both the state of being and the essential oil blend) can enhance your ability to respond.

Also called Grounding Blend, Balance is composed of five different oils, sourced from around the world in their native environments:  

  • Spruce was used by the Native Americans to bring harmony to the mind and body.
  • Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile can bring peace and soothing to stressful feelings.
  • Frankincense provides a grounding and balancing effect on emotions.

The tree oils within this blend are responsible for its grounding effects and woody scent.  A tree sends its roots deep into the earth to allow it to grow tall and strong. So for us, this Grounding Blend can assist in balancing the body systems and strengthening the connection with the lower body; or you might say reconnecting with your roots.

Balance is a good oil choice when the upper chakras (energy centers) have been overused as in excessive mental activity, speaking, or spiritual activity. (With regard to our chakras, when our crown is open and flowing, our roots like to be grounded to Mother Earth. These oils, after all, are gifts from Mother Earth!) 

The benefits of peace, calmness, relaxation, and tranquility bring a sense of balance and harmony to the body allowing us to be open to giving and receiving. It may also help to release emotional blocks. This Grounding Blend can further help to provide the inner strength and patience to focus on manifesting our dreams. Are you thinking yet that you would like some Balance in your day?

How would you use Balance blend? Apply it to the bottoms of the feet, to the heart center, spine, solar plexus, wrists, and temples. Inhale or diffuse often to help balance body and mind. And of course, you can experience its gentle, soothing effects during an AromaTouch session.

To show my appreciation for you, I have a free gift to offer you: In addition to essential oils, one of my other passions is writing affirmations. I have created a set of three affirmations with beautiful images for Grounding, Relaxation, and Abundance, which I invite you to download and use to help direct your thoughts in a positive directions. Download and enjoy them here >>

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