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3 Reasons Why Your Angels Want You to Have Money

There are a lot of beliefs “out there” (and in each of us) about money, especially how God or anything holy or Divine feels about money. I still hear now and then that money is the root of all evil. And based on the behaviors of many people who publicly have or seek money, I can understand why some believe it might be true.  (Although it does overlook the good deeds of many other publicly wealthy people.) And being someone who serves other spiritual people, I get to see up close how money stuff causes them to react. Usually it’s the inner conflict between “I want to be happy and abundant” and “I don’t need money to be happy” – but then one experience was quite shocking: A few years ago I created a workshop called “Manifesting with the Angels.” The response was overwhelmingly positive – with one exception that really caught me off guard. When I sent the announcement to my list, one woman responded with such anger that I had to stop and check whether I was reading her email correctly. Her response to me was essentially, “How dare you use the Angels for such superficial purposes?” (That’s a paraphrase; I didn’t keep her email, nor have I thought about it in the years since, until I went to write this article.) She immediately unsubscribed from my email list, marked my messages as spam, and tried to launch a complaint against me with my internet service provider, using words like “charlatan.” Looking back, I wish that this person, whom I’d met on several occasions and generally liked and respected, had allowed a chance for us to have a conversation. I truly would have loved to hear more about her thoughts and feelings on the topic… …I would have loved to support her in healing whatever wounds had caused her to react so strongly and rashly… …and I would have loved to share with her what the Angels, as messengers of the Highest Divine Source, have shared with me about why they not only want us to have money but are happy to support us in manifesting it: 1. Because they have no opinions about money We humans love to go around labeling things as “good” vs. “bad,” “sacred” vs. “evil.” And even if you and I might not do it much these days, there are still old thought patterns and limiting beliefs lingering within us that assign those distinctions. Angels, on the other hand, assign no such labels. Any distinction that they form is based on their missions to support us, and so the labels they use are more like “serves highest good” and “doesn’t serve highest good,” according to the person they’re supporting. Money, as they see it, is neutral in itself; how money is used by the person who possesses it is what makes it appear to be “good” or “evil” but in truth doesn’t change its nature. As I’m writing these words, the Angels are telling me that if someone sat down for a reading and asked about money, the message they’d convey might be something like, “You act a little crazy around money.” (The Angels don’t actually use words like “crazy” – or any words at all – but they permit me to translate into our vernacular to get their meaning across.) They might point out what issues or energies need to be cleared in order for money to be neutral for your again; they also might suggest some changes of focus or action that you need to take moving forward in your life; but they would never declare that money is “bad” for you. 2. Because lack of money distracts you from your purpose You’ve got a purpose to serve here on Earth, and I guarantee you that worrying about bills isn’t it. Therefore, the spiritual team that’s been with you since before your Earthly birth – made up of Angels, guides, and maybe even some Ascended Masters – is happy to bring plenty of money your way so that you don’t have to worry about how to take care of your needs or wants while you’re out there serving the world. They assure me that the only reason why it ever seems like they aren’t bringing you the money you need is because you’re giving too much energy to thoughts that push money away. If you’d stop worrying and focus on being of service then they’d be able to float that money to you without any resistance. And by the way, they say Yes, pick up those coins you find on the ground. It’s a great way to reset your thought patterns toward receiving money in whatever way it comes to you. 3. Because you can use it to serve the world Not only do your Angels help you manifest enough money to help you cover your basic needs, they’re also happy to bring you enough to share. The more prosperous that you are, the easier it is for you to support charitable causes or create new jobs in your business. Your Angels know you and they know your heart. They know that you’re not going to keep the excess money all to yourself. They see all the ways in which you are aching to make life better for many, many people. Sure, you might have some material wants on your wish list, like a new car or house or travel experiences, but they also see the charities you want to support and the ways that you wish to pay it forward. Having money, in truth, may be part of your mission on this Earth. Let go of any belief otherwise, and permit your Angels to support your unending prosperity. Your turn to share!Your turn Imagine for a moment, and then share with the rest of us: How would your life be different if your every monetary need and want was met?  

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