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Your Soul is Calling. Are You Listening?

Have you ever stared up into a starry sky and wondered what is really out there? Have you ever, while lying on your beach towel, stared out toward the horizon and felt the vastness of the planet, been aware of the enormity of the Universe and wondered what your true place in it is?

The world is a magical, mystical, mysterious place, yet most people are so caught up in their day to day lives, they don’t even take time to contemplate it!

But not you. You vibrate higher. You have been wondering most your life. You have been questioning, seeking, waiting, for the “something more’’ you know there has to be to life.

From the mystery of a cat giving you a long, slow, “I love you” blink, to the excitement of a total eclipse of the sun. From knowing who is calling at the first moment your phone rings, to your gut feeling that you should take a different route home from work.  You see magic and wonder in and all around you, in the miraculous and the mundane.

Do you stare at the moon in awe? Do you feel that energy is moving in and around you? Have you marveled at the instant connection you have with a stranger you just met? At synchronicities and unexplained knowing?

Do you feel like something is coming, but you have no idea what? Have you ever felt like you were standing on the threshold of something, that a door was about to open, that some understanding was about to enter your consciousness?  

Do you wonder what it’s all about and why you feel an empty spot in your heart? Have you ever wondered why you are triggered by a certain person, place, thing or circumstance and wondered what, if anything, you could do to alter the way you react?

The world is growing and changing, humanity is growing and changing. Don’t fear signs to the contrary, for only what is revealed can be healed. Humanity is healing, and through healing we become open to more.

There have been many who blazed the trail of discovery, of “uncovery.”  Teachers and students from thousands and hundreds of years ago to modern day.  There is really nothing new under the sun, it’s just a matter of opening your eyes and heart to something you never knew or understood before.  And the fact of you reading this could very well mean now is your time to take the next step, to begin to explore your trail of discovery.

The old answers, the ways we have always thought and done, they don’t cut it anymore. If you have more questions and want new answers, you aren’t alone!

You aren’t alone in wanting more out of life. It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 17 or 70, whether you are afraid of what you do not know or in awe of it. That you are curious, questioning, wanting more, that means you are already more “woke” than many. It’s time to stretch your wings, stretch your mind, see what’s “out there.”  

Seek out the places where people gather, coming together to learn and grow, to find new eyes to see, new ways of looking at life to navigate these changing times.

Connect with wisdom, with those who have walked the path ahead. What are the questions in your heart? What do you wish to learn? What has you curious? Intrigued?

Every curiosity is a nudge from your soul. To learn about the Universe within and around you,  and through that learning, to connect.

Spirituality. Metaphysics.  “Woo woo.”  Religion.  Belief.  Science.  How are these related, connected, and what does it all mean?

Angels, Reiki, crystals, Law of Attraction, Tarot, magic, channeling, mandalas, I Ching, sacred geometry, mudras, Atlantis, lightworker, astrology, mystery schools, Sophia, earth steward, Essenes, Lemuria, energy healing, fortune-telling, meditation, yoga, Wayne Dyer, chanting, mantra, Ascended Masters, Wicca, Akashic  Records, Edgar Cayce, divination, Shekinah, Sirius, Kabbalah, Science of Mind, sound therapy, prayer, manifestation, solstices, the Violet Flame, the Pleiades, mythology, Mercury retrograde, tapping.  What IS all this? The tip of the iceberg, for starters.

Which of these subjects call to you, evoking your yearning for more? What would you add that isn’t already on the list? Proclaim what your heart calls you to. Share with me, here in written words, so that as we journey together I may show you the path that leads where your heart yearns to go.


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