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When Intuition Doesn’t Work Out

Tell me if this seems familiar to you:

In a moment of being incredibly “tapped in,” you get a clear indication from your intuitive guidance of an action that you’re supposed to take. Maybe it was something really exciting related to your life purpose. You can see the synchronicity in how many pieces have come together to create this opportunity.

As strongly as you felt that intuition within you, you still might have double-checked it with a pendulum or some oracle cards just to be sure. Every tool that you have to connect with your Divine Guidance confirms that this is the right action for you to take at this time.

You feel so perfectly clear and supported that you take the action, and then….nothing. Or worse, things fall apart. And you wonder, WTF??

I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me in the last few years – sometimes in very significant ways. I spent The first half of 2012 telling everyone I knew about the healing center that I was going to open by the end of the year. I saw it so clearly, and so many resources fell into place, that it must be unfolding the way that I was seeing it.

When I got into the second half of 2012 it became clear that this project wasn’t ready to happen. But what about all that guidance I had gotten? What about the location that I certainly was absolutely, perfectly, Divinely directed to because it was the childhood home of one of my clients and her family used to hold healing circles and seances there?

My thoughts drift back to this apparent misfire of intuition now and then. I’ve long accepted the great stuff that’s happened instead, such as working with a business coach so that I can be better at running the business when it expands, but I still look at that experience for more that it can teach me about intuition.

It turns out that there are three major reasons why we sometimes seemed to be intuitively guided in directions that don’t work out:

Woman smacking head1 – We heard our guidance wrong.

Here’s the catch with intuitive guidance: It comes through as energy that has to be interpreted by the mind, so it’s limited by the mind’s ability to understand. Sometimes your mind lacks the language (the set of words or images) to accurately translate the messages and leaves you guessing wrong.

The messages get filtered based on emotions too. In my case with the healing center, I was so passionately about this purpose that I certainly heard “Yes” a few times that it was actually “No” or “Slow down.” Just as in human-to-human communication, sometimes with intuition we hear what we want to hear. Yup, even me.

Thankfully, the more that you address those underlying emotions, the more often you’ll hear the right messages through your intuition.

2 – Something (or someone) stopped being ready.

When you get the “go ahead” from your guidance, it’s natural to assume that means the entire road to what you want is clear. More often that “go ahead” is only signalling you to take the very next step, but the human self gets impulsive and overeager.

From a higher perspective we know that nothing is linear; even if everything is in place right now, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. The free will of many people may be involved, and higher guidance can’t always predict free will.

Exclamation danger signEnergy is always changing and new decisions are being made that affect outcomes. Sometimes what changes is you. Let’s not forget how your ego wants to protect you from anything that might put you at risk, including success. So you could be absolutely on the right path sketched out by your intuition and the suddenly veer off-course. Subconsciously pulling back right before you’re about to get the success that you wanted is pretty commonplace. Have you ever experienced that?

Fear of success can be a strong silent saboteur until it’s faced head-on and defeated. My biggest weapon on my own journey was ThetaHealing and Integrated Energy Therapy. Have you slayed the fear of success beast yet?

3 – It wasn’t about results.

Scared singerThis one was the biggest aha for me last week – the biggest leap from the human perspective to a higher one. Sometimes the path that you’re intuitively led down isn’t about getting to the end result. Rather, it’s about the shifts that happen along the way – the emotions that you conquer or the energy that gets moved.

Think about when a person does something bold and new for the first time – let’s say singing karaoke. The first time a person gets up on a stage and sings in front of other people can be incredibly nerve-wracking. As she sings her song, this person might discover that she has a natural talent – or, she might mess up half the words (even though they’re right there in front of her) and miss the pitch more than she hit it. Regardless of how she sounds, there will be something within that woman that shifts because of the experience. In fact, the timid woman who sings karaoke for the first time will gain more from the experience than someone who already knows they’ll do well.

Intuitive guidance isn’t always leading us to a specific, finely-tuned outcome. Sometimes it’s just pointing us in a direction so that we can grow from the experience of walking down that particular path. It is, as they say, about the journey, not the destination.


female hand with microphoneYour turn

Tell about a time when you felt like you had been intuitively guided to do something that appeared to fail, until you realized that you had gained something else along the way.





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