Learn the True Nature of Your Spiritual Journey in this eCourse, "Understanding the Dimensions"

Your spiritual journey can be described a transition from 3D to 4D to 5D consciousness. In this course, spiritual mentor & healer Christina Ammerman will help you understand what those terms mean, not only in words that anyone can understand but in a way that has relevance to everyday life and purpose. You'll also learn what it takes to evolve into 5D consciousness of Oneness and Divine Will and stay there.

Watch this video to learn more about the eCourse:

Here's the course outline:

Module 1: What is a "Dimension"?

Learn what the term "dimension" means in spiritual talk, as well as "3D," "4D," "5D," plus clear up some common misconceptions about where we're "going" in our journey to 5D

Module 2: Understanding 3D

Most of the world lives focused in 3D. You do, too - at least sometimes. Learn about the constraints of 3D that explain why so many people on Earth are resistant to change and unlikely to achieve Oneness.

Module 3: Understanding 4D

What you call your "awakening" was the first moment you lifted into 4D consciousness. Learn what changed in your thinking and emotions at the moment, and why it's critical to your spiritual journey.

Module 4: Understanding 5D

5D consciousness - also called Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, or God Consciousness - is the so-called "destination" of your spiritual journey. Learn what awaits you there.

Module 5: How to Ascend to 5D

How you move from 4D into 5D is not the same as how you got to 4D from lower consciousness. Learn how this step is different and how to recognize baggage that prevents you from moving fully into 5D.