Spiritual Mentorship (letter)

My Dear Friend,

I have a story to share with you. It’s a story about you.

You probably didn’t hear this story growing up. As an adult, you might have heard pieces of it as part of your spiritual journey, but unless the people around you know the story themselves (which most people don’t), they haven’t been able to tell you the whole thing.

Would you like to hear it now?

Your story started long, long ago...actually, in a “place” (for lack of a better word) that is outside time as we know it, where all that exists is the consciousness which some people call God - the ultimate, highest consciousness, also referred to as Oneness, Creator, All That Is, and many other names.

This All That Is consciousness desired to know all the "alls" that are part of its "is." But since asking All That Is to understand All That Is is like asking a drop to understand the ocean or a tree to understand the forest, the best way for All That Is to know itself would be to separate out aspects of itself and hold them at a distance to experience them. (Feel free to read this paragraph a few times until it makes sense.)

To accomplish that separating-out, you were created. (And me. And people we know. And 7 billion other people, and intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. But since this is your story, we’ll stay focused on you.)

That which we call your soul is one drop in the ocean of All That Is (God), made up of the exact same stuff (just as the drop is made up as the same stuff as the ocean), but having been extracted and put into the vessel of a human body so that it could have experiences and be understood.

Are you with me so far? Did you catch that part about you being “made up of the exact same stuff” as God?

This means that you, my dearest friend, are a being of Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power. You are eternal, omniscient, and omnipotent, and all those other words that are used to describe God. You aren’t just part of The All - you are The All. You are, as I like to say, God walking around in a meat suit.

Right now it’s likely that you’re having two simultaneous responses to this idea:

One part of you is shouting “Yes!” because it recognizes the Truth of what I’m saying. Truth is already within you, and Truth always recognizes Truth. (Or maybe it’s not shouting but murmuring softly, because you’re not accustomed to it being part in your story.)

But the other part of you may be really uncomfortable right now, consciously or unconsciously starting to raise questions and doubts like:

  • Why is this so different from what I was taught growing up?

  • Who the hell am I to think of myself as Divine?

  • What will other people think of me if I say those things about myself?

  • If I accept that as true, what do I have to give up as a result?

  • I don’t know what it means to be God/All That Is.

That split in your response represents the gap between you and you - your Higher Self and your Lower Self.

Your Higher Self is the God-you. It knows who you really are and what it means to be All That Is. It has been calling you all throughout your whole life, through both your desires and your challenges. Your Higher Self is also your ability to align with the Divine Order of the Universe and properly use those Universal Laws you’ve been learning about to create abundance, joy, and freedom.

Your Lower Self, meanwhile, is the part of you that has been conditioned by your human experience. It is all of the Guilt, Shame, Fear, and other negative emotions that you’ve trapped into your psyche. It is all of the conditioned beliefs that tell you you are anything less than all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving. It’s all of the self-sabotage, the unhappy relationships, the uncertainty of your purpose, the self-doubt, and everything else you’ve been trying to change about your life.

The story that you're living (a.k.a., your life journey) is to reconnect your Higher and Lower Selves. You feel that, right? The pull of your Higher Self to remember who you are and bring that awareness into your everyday existence? The intrinsic knowing that abundance, joy, and freedom come with it?

“Awareness” is the key word there. You are not searching for something you don’t yet have; your Higher Self is already a part of who you are - right here, right now. Your work is to peel away the layers of “un-knowing” that keep you from living awareness of your Higher Self; in peeling away the dense layers, your true nature is revealed.

So what, you might ask, are those layers made up of? They are the dense energy within you - the stuff we call negative emotions, so low in frequency that their heaviness weighs you down from accessing the frequencies of your Higher Self. (It’s called “Higher Self” for a good reason: Those parts of yourself literally vibrate at a higher frequency, in case you didn’t know that.)

What’s crazy about those layers is that you’ve been living with them for so long (most of them having formed between ages 0 and 7) that you aren’t even aware that you have them. As an adult you experience the impact of them - you’ve been noticing how you don’t feel good because of them - but the patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that they cause are so ingrained that you literally don’t know how to think, feel, or behave any other way.

Most of these patterns you learned from your parents, by observing and mimicking how they thought, felt, and behaved:

  • If they struggled through life, then you learned that hard work is the key to success.

  • If they lived by other people’s rules, then you learned that all the power exists outside you.

  • If they only did whatever made other people happy, then you learned that making others happy was far more important than whatever desires set your soul on fire.

  • If they scolded you or withheld signs of affection when you made mistakes, then you learned to avoid making mistakes at all costs.

The list goes on and on and is different for each person, but the story is the same: You were born knowing all about your Divine Self, but long before you got to an age of being able to recognize and articulate it, that knowing got buried under layers of conditioning.

(This is not a judgement of your parents, by the way. They couldn’t teach you who you really are because they didn’t know who they really are, because no one taught them, etc., back through countless generations of history.)

This talk of conditioning brings us back to the main part of your story, because despite all of this conditioning, your Higher Self has always been prompting you to express who you truly are, underneath your human conditioning. You are always being called back to yourself, which is why you yearn to be free, to express and manifest your desires, to be happy and loving and free.

The key to expressing your Higher Self, then, is to remove the dense layers of human conditioning from your psyche. You may have even done some of that work already, but it’s probably been from the outermost layer inward. I can share with you a faster way - and this is where I enter your story, if you'll let me.

The reason I’m telling you your own story is because I know parts of it that other people haven’t been able to tell you. Most important of which, I know about the moment when your Core Wound was created - the very first time, as a baby still in the womb, you experienced something that was not Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power.

I understand the parts of your story where you built layers and layers of dysfunctional patterns on top of that Core Wound, torn between your intrinsic knowing of who you really are and the biological imperative to fit in with other humans and ensure your own survival.

And I know how to help you heal your Core Wound, having done it for myself and never-ending my quest to unearth and rebuild the dysfunctional patterns which I had created because of it.

What I’ve learned about Core Wounds is deceptively simple:

  • In the whole human population, there seem to be only 3 core wounds that people experience, one of which I have yet to encounter because it’s experienced by people who don’t share our calling to merge with the Higher Self.

  • Most people have exactly 1 of the 2 remaining Core Wounds (although I have found exceptions that have both).

  • Because it happened first, your Core Wound is the foundation of all of your other dysfunctional patterns. When we work from the inside out, starting with your Core Wound, many of those other dysfunctional patterns dissolve automatically. We don’t have to pick them all apart one-by-one.

But healing your Core Wound is just the beginning.

Once your Core Wound is identified and healed, the next chapter of your story is about building healthy new patterns in their place. This happens through living your life without your Core Wound, but the key to doing it right is to have someone who can teach you what healthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors look like when they’re in alignment with your Higher Self and the Divine Order of the Universe.

Think about it: The people who are in your life right now were attracted to your Core Wound because it matches theirs. After you heal your Core Wound and become a blank slate for new patterns, they’re still going to be around you with their Core Wounds intact. Without guidance from someone who can help you learn how an un-Wounded person successfully co-exists with Wounded people, you’re likely to fill up your blank slate with all new dysfunctional patterns.

Fortunately, the rebuilding process doesn’t have to take decades. You can build a pretty solid foundation pretty quickly (6-12 months, compared to 40-50 years) when you have the proper guidance from someone who has already healed her Core Wound.

For those people who are ready to start this new chapter of their story, I have wrapped this process up as an offering I call Private Spiritual Mentorship. Here is specifically what Mentorship entails:

  • Emotional Clearing. We heal your Core Wound right away in session #1, using a trade secret emotional clearing process that I was guided to develop specifically for this work. This healing has an immediate positive impact that dissolves your dysfunctional emotional patterns and multiplies for rest of your life. During the rest of the mentorship, as we uncover additional dysfunctional patterns that didn’t release on their own, we clear those for you too.

  • Human Design. This profile of you, which incorporates astrology, chakras, genetics, and more, shows us the unique combination of aspects of All That Is that you represent. It helps you recognize how you are designed to behave (for example, are you a “thinker,” a “doer,” or both?) and stop forcing yourself to live according to other people’s rules of behavior.

  • Positive re-patterning. This is the coaching/counseling/mentoring piece you need to create healthy new patterns, which you do by living your life and examining the circumstances arise along the way, showing us where you need to create a new habit or pattern that’s in alignment with Universal Law and your Higher Self.

This process is not something to step into lightly. It's simple but not always easy; it is work.

Stripping away decades of negative conditioning in a short space of time is like stripping a house down to the studs in order to remodel it. There will be moments of sweat and discomfort and messiness (e.g., when you stop feeding the dysfunctions within relationships), but staying strong in those moments will create a more beautiful space as a result.

Like remodeling that house, the results that you get from such stripping-bare are cleaner and stronger than simply plastering over flaws as you’ve been doing. Especially with a mentor who has the know-how to guide you through those difficult moments and make sure the work gets done right. I guess you could think of me as your general contractor. 🙂

If you’ve read this far into your story, then I’m glad that you’re still with me, and I have to assume you’re still here because your Higher Self is calling you to this opportunity; therefore it’s my job to offer you the next step.

I would never expect you to accept this life-altering opportunity without first meeting the person who’s promising to guide you through it. Nor would I start to take you through it before feeling certain that you are ready.

You’ll want to know, for starters, that I live all of the understanding that I’ve offered in this letter - that I’m walking the path of my Higher Self and can show you the way to yours.

You’ll want to experience the supportive, non-judgmental space that I hold for you, so that you can feel safe to expose your proverbial house down to the studs when that becomes necessary.

And you’ll want to witness who you become through our our interactions - how each conversation from Moment #1 empowers you to choose the free expression of your Highest Self over the limitations of your human conditioning.

Meanwhile, I’ll want to know that your story is, in fact, one that I can help you write. And I’ll want to know that you’re ready to do the work and sustain your commitment through the moments when your human conditioning tries to hold you its limitations.

The next step, then, is to show both of us that you’re ready and share with me the details of your story that I don’t know yet. Click this button to go to the next page, where I've laid out some questions that will help you:

I look forward to learning more of your story.

In Loving Service,