Every service we offer has the same core intention: To help you live the fullest experience of being an eternal spirit in a human body. Some services focus more on your spiritual self, some more on your human self, and all focus in some way on dissolving the barrier between. The overall outcome is a more fulfilling and joyful life for everyone.

Energy Healing

Angel Card Reading

Practitioner: Androniki

In office only. Androniki is our resident Certified Angel Card Reader, trained in the tradition initiated by Doreen Virtue. Unlike card readings that offer to predict things for you, an ACR helps you see who you need to be to create the outcome you desire in your relationship, career, life purpose, or other area of focus. Learn more...

$125 for 60 minutes. Book an in-office session.

Hermetic Healing™

Practitioner: Androniki

In office or virtually (video/phone). Androniki combines her multiple skills into one powerful session: crystal healing, tuning fork (sound) therapy, Reiki, and Integrated Energy, and Angel Card Reading. The result is a healing that clears stuck emotional patterns and gives you insights for moving forward. Learn more...

$150 for 60 minutes. Book an in-office or virtual session.

Reiki Radiance™

Practitioner: Faith

In office. Most energy healing practitioners start with Reiki and branch out from there. Reiki Radiance is Faith's personal brand, based in Usui Reiki and adding in her own spiritual gifts including intuitive messages from Spirit. 

$110 for 60 minutes. Book an in-office session.



Practitioner: Misty

In office. Hypnosis is method of gently changing self-sabotaging patterns in your subconscious mind. When used therapeutically, it enables you to tap into your own healing powers by calming the chatter in your mind and focusing your awareness where it's needed.

Some examples of what hypnotherapy can be used for:

  • reducing anxiety (examples, public speaking, driving, difficult conversations with someone, socializing, etc)
  • weight reduction (understanding the cause of emotional eating)
  • conflict resolution (internal struggles that may cause you to be stuck or indecisive)
  • assertiveness training-opportunity to feel grounded and in charge of your life

$225 for 1.5 to 2 hours. Book an in-office session.

Regression Hypnosis

Practitioner: Misty

In office. Regression hypnosis is a special application of hypnotherapy which takes you back to the moment that an unwanted recurring pattern was created - what we call the Origin of Distortion. While the conscious mind often forgets that moment, the subconscious mind is the keeper of all memories and can lead us back to the Origin. This may include Inner Child work, which enables you to connect with your inner child and heal old wounds; or Past Life Regression, in which you explore your past lives and discover the root skills, relationships, problems, attitudes, or patterns that influence the present life. You may discover your life purpose and unlock the hidden talents to help you fulfill that purpose.

$225 for 1.5 to 2 hours. Book an in-office session.


Signature Healing Massage™

Practitioner: Faith

In office. This body-mind-spirit experience was created by Christina when Zenquility was still her home-based business and passed on to our current massage therapists. A Signature Healing Massage is a 90-minute session that combines therapeutic massage with Reiki, channeled messages, or whatevver spiritual experience the practitioner is able to provide for your overall peace and well-being.

$160 for 90 minutes. Book an in-office session.

Therapeutic Massage

Practitioner: Faith

In office. Sometimes a simple massage is what you're looking for. Our certified, highly-skilled massage therapists will cater their techniques to what you need, whether it's a soft touch, a focus on the knots, or the perfect combination of both.

$100 for 60 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes. Book an in-office session.

Private coaching & mentoring

Sacred Body™ private mentoring

Practitioner: Androniki

In office or by phone. Androniki created Sacred Body based on her personal experience of "flipping the switch" on her relationship with her body. Sacred Body is a spiritual approach to self-care - not just the physical self but mental and emotional too. It takes the concept of rituals and practices that are used to build a spiritual practice and applies it to build a self-care practice, while also using Integrated Energy Therapy to clear self-sabotaging emotional blocks. The outcome is an anchoring of spiritual energies into your chakras (especially your Root) that not only support your physical health but enliven your day-to-day existence.

Schedule a Discovery Session to determine the plan and pricing based on your needs

Fearless Freedom™ mentorship

Practitioner: Christina

In office or virtually (video/phone). Having taken Zenquility from a home-based business to a full-fledged healing center, Christina now helps other women entrepreneurs make similar leaps in their businesses through the combination of mentoring and energy healing that served her so well.

Learn more at

Group programs

Sacred Body™ group program

Practitioner: Androniki

In office or virtually (video/phone). This 12-week experience takes you step-by-step through the process of building new self-care habits while also using Integrated Energy Therapy to break down your internal barriers to success. Androniki is your guide for this journey; if you wish to have one-on-one coaching with her so that you can do the deep dive into your blocks while also benefiting from the group experience, an upgrade to the group program is available so that you can do both.

Stay tuned for more the next offering of the Sacred Body group program.