Local Artisan / Author Submission – Zenquility
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Local Artisan / Author Submission

As part of our retail offerings, Zenquility is committed to supporting local artisans and authors whose creations would resonate with a metaphysically- and spiritually-minded audience. If you have something you'd like Zenquility to consider selling, please use this form to tell us about your creations.

Examples include but are definitely not limited to:

  • handmade jewelry (especially gemstone, energy-infused, intention based)
  • handmade journals
  • inspiring artwork (original or prints)
  • ceremonial weapons and implements
  • natural personal products
  • books related to anything metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, or personal developmemt

​Please complete the form below, and Christina the Director of Zenquility will follow up with you for further discussion.

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