Oracle Card Readings

Crystal Ball on Tarot cards

An Oracle Card Reading is an excellent way of getting clear, loving, divine guidance to find your path out of a challenging situation or toward a goal.

Your angels and other guides are with you all the time, but instead of being mired in details and negative emotions like you sometimes are, they stay above the fray, able to see not just your life but the whole world from a much higher perspective. And their whole purpose is to use that perspective to guide you.

In an Oracle Card Reading, the cards are tools that help the practitioner tune into intuition and bring forth the loving, supportive, and practical guidance that your angels have for you.

Androniki Michael is our Oracle Card Reader, and she is excellent at what she does because she is a natural: Long before she was introduced to angel cards, Androniki would read her friends' coffee grounds (like reading tea leaves) at the end of a meal. She's been doing this informally for decades, and her recent training has helped her hone her natural talents to provide you with a superbly insightful reading.

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 Korby Duchelle 


What I loved best about my reading with Androniki was the feeling that a looming question had finally been answered. Now I know what my focus should be. 

The best thing about Androniki is that she wants to use her gift to help you. Be prepared to be amazed.