Hermetic Healing™

This healing modality is exclusive to Zenquility.

Hermetic Healing™ is Androniki Michael's personal brand of healing, having been guided by Ascended Master Melchizedek to create it. Melchizedek also incarnated as Hermes Trismigestus, hence the name "hermetic."

Hermetic Healing helps you transform your life by realigning the elements within and around all levels of your being. "Hermetics" is synonymous with "alchemy," which refers to mastering one's relationship with the elements of the Universe in order to create seemingly magical transformations. Alchemy used to be about changing lead to gold; now it's about changing yourself from the inside out. 

Hermetic Healing is a blend of Androniki's favorite healing modalities: crystals, tuning forks, angel cards, Reiki and IET. The exact combination is customized to your intention and channeled by Androniki as she performs the session for you.

The experience has been described as "both grounding and energizing" and "just WOW." People that Androniki practiced on reported noticeable changes and tangible outcomes in their lives as a result of their sessions. 

You can book a Hermetic Healing session with Androniki online or talk to our Front Desk at (877) 936-7845.