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Balance: Find Grounding with This Sweet, Woody Essential Oil Blend

Balance is a topic I love to talk about. In my previous article I wrote about the types of balance which are important in our lives. Today, you might be interested to know that there is an essential oil

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In Appreciation of Your Heart

February! A time of love, chocolates, hearts, massages, and roses right? 🙂 One of those topics is a personal favorite of mine. I love chocolate and massages (yes I do!) but what I’m talking about

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The Surprising Truth About Energy Vampires

“People keep stealing my energy.” “She is such an energy vampire.” After doing this lightworker thing as long as I have been (since at least 2002), I’ve noticed that there

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How to Connect with Your Life Purpose

“What’s my Life Purpose?” Here’s a hint: The answer is already within you; here’s a way you can connect with it right now.

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What Balance Really Means – and One Way to Get It

Explore the specific meaning that “balance” has to your physical body, and one way that an essential oils technique can help you achieve it.

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