Ascension Healing™

This healing modality is exclusive to Zenquility.

Ascension Healing™ is Christina's personal brand of energy healing, based on the best parts of the many modalities she has studied since 2004 (especially Reiki, Magnified Healing, ThetaHealing®, and Integrated Energy Therapy) plus some unique energies and techniques that she has intuited along the way.

The intention of Ascension Healing is to evoke the Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Power that has always dwelt within you, and bring it to the surface. While anyone can benefit from Ascension Healing, the people who are drawn to it are typically on the cusp of a new level of consciousness. Usually they've been experiencing healing work for a while and are now ready to shift from duality ("either/or," 3D) consciousness into universal (5D, "and") consciousness.

Christina offers Ascension Healing as part of private spiritual mentorship.