About Us

Let's introduce you to why Zenquility exists and who is on our team.

Our Mission

Zenquility is a place for people like you to experience healing, create connections, and empower yourself to manifest the life you truly desire.

We are a center for healing and higher consciousness, supporting your journey to express more and more of the Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power within you. Everything we offer at Zenquility - our services, workshops, even what we sell in our retail corner - is selected with that purpose in mind.

To us, "higher consciousness" isn't just about connecting with higher realms. It's also a relative concept - every step-by-step increase in your consciousness (awareness) of yourself and the world around you. 

Our Practitioners

Each of our practitioners offers a unique set of expertise and experience to support your personal journey. They are known for being knowledgeable, caring, and committed to their own constant growth so that they can continue to serve you in the highest way.

Christina Ammerman
Christina is the Founder & Director of Zenquility, who now helps other women entrepreneurs heal their core wounds so that their businesses can flourish.
Faith M. Coppola
Faith is an incredibly talented and caring massage therapist, as well as a Reiki practitioner.
Misty Zdanski
Our resident SoulMate Coach, Misty is also a trained counselor, hypnotherapist, and coach who uses hypnotherapy to help people create happy, fulfilling lives.
Stephanie Armagost
Stephanie is a Reiki Master and financial whiz who combines her gifts to help others manifest abundance with ease.

Our Front Desk Team

Our intrepid Front Desk team is dedicated to serving your personal journey. Whenever you come in or call us, you can count on Dae, Mary, and Mercedes to make you feel welcome and help you find what you need.