Welcome! We're so happy to connect with you. 

Zenquility is a place for people like you to experience healing, create connections, and empower yourself to manifest the life you truly desire.

Everything we do at Zenquility, including what we sell in our boutique, is geared toward raising your consciousness. To us, "higher consciousness" isn't just about connecting with higher realms. "Higher consciousness" means more consciousness (awareness) about yourself and the world around you. And it's about raising the vibration of your physical, emotional, and mental aspects as much as your spiritual aspect.

We're here to support you in expanding your awareness on all levels of your being - because awareness is the first step to creating change in your life. Whatever you're trying to attract, it usually helps to know why you haven't attracted it already. That's the power of awareness.

To help you expand your awareness, we offer a variety of services, workshops, and meetups that focus on specific aspects of your life. It's not all metaphysical stuff; we support your physical side too, because it's also part of you and often the most neglected.

And with the addition of our retail boutique, Zenquility is now a place where you can buy crystals, oracle cards, and the other things you've been looking for, right here in Gainesville, VA.​ Stop in anytime that we're open.

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